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I, as a rule, love to be asked for favors.  I love doing favors, offering advice, and recommending places/things that I like.  It’s a sick thrill, like: I’m helpful!  I have a trusted opinion! I’m reliable! And gosh-darn it, people like me!

But there are good requests and there are bad requests.  Good requests are usually open-ended, accompanied by enthusiasm- and a distinct lack of hard deadlines.  Good requests respect your time and your expertise, and are motivated by admiration for your talents.  Good requests are a joy to fulfill for people like me.

This totally cute hat is the result of a request. The Good kind.  I used the Baby Mutze Yodam as an inspiration with a few modifications. I knit for 1.5″ to form a roll brim, then made 4 additional welts, with a shortened fifth welt centered over the forehead.  I followed the decreases as written as well.   Lastly, I created my own ears, chart included below.  This fun Yoda green is brought to you by Cascade Ultra Pima in the spring green colorway.


And the “charted pattern.”  It’s basically all knits with some kfb increases to provide the old-guy-alien ear edge.

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