I’ll do my level best to never run out of “dad” jokes.

Every year, my mother in law (MIL) is invited to a conference in Breckenridge, CO and she allows my husband and I to share her hotel space for a long weekend at the resort.  I still haven’t learned to ski or snowboard with any great success, but I have enjoyed the getaway regardless.  I’ve discovered snow-shoeing and the magic of apres ski snacks.  In case you’re not familiar, apres ski is just an excuse to eat after skiing and it’s usually something warming, such as chili.

This year, in my flurry of manic productivity, I thought it would be a great idea to make sure that my MIL, sister in law (SIL), and I all had new hats for the trip.  I offered one to the husband, but he can’t conceive of a world where he could possibly need more than one hat at a time.  I find my MIL and SIL to be such nice people that I have utterly no idea what they actually like- so I usually try to nail it with the colors and we’ll see if trial and error eventually gives me an idea of their preferred styles of knitwear.

Of Malabrigo Rasta, a Laura’s Spirals in the Lotus colorway:


Tosh DK in Espadrille for the Kirk Ave Tam


With a second picture so you can really see the crown shaping- it’s a 5 ray flattened beret style.


And finally, for my greedy paws, an 1898 Hat out of Malabrigo Rios in the Paris Night colorway. For me, mine, nobody else!  Featuring a 4″ pom and an extra 1″ of length in the body.  I had to add the pom to remove a little bit of the “unisex utilitarian” vibe and (keepin’ it real) to avoid awkward cone shapes at the top of my head from the added slouch.


I loved this pattern.  It was fun and fast and extraordinarily clever! And I have a whole ball of the Rios leftover to become something else for me (ONLY ME, MINE!)